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Experience the entire Bitcoin Ecosystem up-close & personal. Sidewalk Bitcoin comes to any shop, venue or event. Anyone anywhere can buy, spend or sell Bitcoin instantly with Fastbitcoins.   

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Bitcoin up close & personal. Host us for FREE in your venue. See first hand how Fastbitcoins can add revenue & expand your business & Marketing potential.

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The easiest, quickest way to own Bitcoin. Buy a Voucher, Enter Voucher number & wallet receive address... Done. You have Bitcoin in your wallet

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Pay with Bitcoin & get 7% OFF your shop. Bitcoin Themed Gifts, Tee-Shirts, & Office Accessories, for the collector or enthusiast. GBP also accepted

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We're building a Bitcoin Retailer Directory where you can find UK businesses who are involved with or accept Bitcoin for goods & services


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Sidewalk Bitcoin with FastBitcoins gives everyone the opportunity to see, own & experience Bitcoin first-hand


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Get Bitcoin instantly with FastBitcoins.

FastBitcoins Vouchers avoids regular exchanges and their associated difficulties. No Id*, No Sign-up, FastBitcoins is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin instantly.

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Future-proof your Business & expand it’s potential. Earn generous commissions with zero-risk FastBitcoins

Host Sidewalk Bitcoin FREE at your venue, shop or event & fully experience FastBitcoins, the Bitcoin ecosystem & Lightning Network.

Discover unique business & marketing opportunities. 

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Bitcoin Merchandise

Unique items for your Bitcoin Collection 

Get your hands on some of our exclusive Bitcoin Gear; Keyrings, T-Shirts, Office Accessories, Novelty Gifts & Collectibles

Pay in Bitcoin & save 7%

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Bitcoin Retailer Directory

Visit our Bitcoin Retailer Directory or Quick Index for Merchants & Businesses who accept Bitcoin as payment for goods or services.

400 listings & counting

Free & paid options for Merchants. Manage your account independently

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UK-Centric Bitcoin News & Information Sharing

Ask & Answer Questions, Find Direction or Post News & Announcements.

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Sidewalk Bitcoin + FastBitcoins

Want access to Bitcoin?… Want to buy some?… Want to know more about it?… Want it in your town, in your shop, at your event?…
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Up-Coming Events

Dates on our tour. Come and talk to us about Bitcoin, maybe add to your stack. Expect to see us on a street near you soon. Visit our Events Calendar for details

The Bus Show Panarama
The Business Show 2019

We'll be joining the FastBitcoins Team at The Business Show 2019 introducing the FastBitcoins Voucher System to the business world. Free Entrance

BritBrum Cryptocurrency Show & Conference

Visit us at BitBrum & talk Bitcoin, Adoption and experience the FastBitcoins Voucher System up-close & personal. Sunday 3rd November


Street View

Sidewalk Bitcoin blog. Tales from our travels, FastBitcoins news & Bitcoin generally

The Word on Bitcoin Street

The main UK centered Bitcoin news, gossip & whisperings. Not always corroborated & compiled mainly for amusement... except when it's not.

Buy Bitcoin in a Rickshaw, in Glasgow
Peddling Bitcoin? We’ve just rolled out Bitcoin selling rickshaws on the streets of Glasgow! Originally published on / May 07, 2019 Nishal Ratanji Here’s a cool story for you guys to read off the back…


The word on the street

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