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Adoption Mission…  Provide Access to Bitcoin, Assistance and Genuine Information to UK Business & People 
Supply Bitcoin Via FastBitcoins Vouchers System
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Sidewalk Bitcoin

There has never been a thing like Bitcoin. It’s radical on so many levels. The success of any new technology depends on understanding and use, Bitcoin’s “techie”, controversial reputation doesnt help. Sidewalk Bitcoin was conceived to provide a Human bridge between Bitcoin’s genuinely radical technology and an often misinformed or even skeptical populace. Our solution is to “Take Bitcoin on Tour”. With the Fastbitcoins Voucher System… Give as many people as possible an opportunity to experience Bitcoin up-close and personal…. Busting myths along the way.


Access for All

“On the road” with our unique Fastbitcoins Kiosk,  along with the Fastbitcoins Voucher System we introduce Bitcoin to both the general public and businesses directly. We create opportunity for people to own Bitcoin and to experience the Bitcoin ecosystem first-hand. We benefit businesses and vendors with a new source of income and new possibilities for promotion, expansion, customers and revenue… Even potentially saving on financial costs.

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