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For full interaction Riot.IM is Needed. Free to join & Use. Username & Email Required
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Bitcoin Infomation Station

A Virtual Version of our Pop-Up Bitcoin Groove

Communication, Networking & Bitcoin Resource Hub for business and social networking

Bitcoin Events – Expanding Beyond our own events soon

Bitcoin Price Charts, Knowledge &Educational Resources, References, Video & Links etc

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Bitcoin Circle

Sidewalk Bitcoin Comm’s Hub


We wanted to streamline and evolve our Business & Social activities, our discovery of Riot.IM allowed us to fully express Sidewalk Bitcoin online

Bitcoin Circle is the entrance to our virtual world, Private Messaging, Conference Calling, open & private Chat-Rooms and more 


Bitcoin Resources

Venture deeper into the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

Essential explanations & various resources to shed a little light on your journey.

Continually updated links & resources, references, books & video, essential to help navigate your way through the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

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Bitcoin Charts

Bitcoin Price Charts for UK & GBP Traders

Trader or Hodler, You’ll want to value your Bitcoin. GBP to Bitcoin charts with references to major currencies, Gold & Silver prices, Currency Converter and Fear & Greed Index.

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Ways To Earn Bitcoin

Who doesn’t want to earn more Bitcoin?

Put your skills & knowledge to work earning Bitcoin.

Get Satsback for online shopping or get paid for social activity & everyday tasks

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Bitcoin Events

Newly added Bitcoin Calendar

List your Bitcoin event, workshop, function or meet-up at no charge.

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