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Bitcoin Circle – Sidewalk Bitcoin’s Networking Hub
For full interaction Riot.IM is Needed. Free to join & Use. Username & Email Required
No Private info or Phone Number

Bitcoin Circle Networking Hub

Utilising Riot.IM, we created Bitcoin Circle as a central communication point for Sidewalk Bitcoin business & social activities.

Bitcoin Circle

The central communications hub for Sidewalk Bitcoin, Bitcoin Circle provides all of the tools needed for us to not only conduct business online but also combine Social Networking, Chat, Private Messaging and more in one space.

Whether for business or amusement Bitcoin Circle is a simple way to connect directly and privately with us.

Stay ahead of the curve in the UK Bitcoin Scene and enter Bitcoin Circle

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The Riot Act

Communication is key

Legacy Apps and methods served well for a while but gave birth to significant new issues. Data harvesting, targeted manipulative practices and tracking etc are just the tip of the iceberg… Not to mention that wall of noise on traditional Social Platforms.

We wanted our customers, colleagues, associates, friends and followers to be able to connect with us in trust, in convenient, secure & familiar ways. We also demanded efficiency and privacy.

Ask quality questions, get quality answers

Our solution was to create Bitcoin Circle. A hub to bring all our “virtual” Business and Social activities together, allowing us to add some significant additional services into the bargain.

The Central pillar allowing us to do this is an App called Roit IM. The App is needed to enjoy many of our new services. It is still possible to contact us via email and Twitter

Find out more about Riot.IM here

Riot Mode: Get Tooled-Up

Imagine Twitter, Reddit, WatsApp and Slack rolled into one…

That’s A unique App that ticks all the right boxes for Business and personal use. Encrypted, Decentralised, Open Source and Free to use with NO phone number Required- Simply a username and email address.


We host Open and closed chat rooms- Bitcoin Circle & Bitcoin Information Station. You can chat privately or openly, Private message, Share posts, files, links and info etc… Even place a call directly to us.


All the above with Conference Call facilities for discussion, online meetings, remote demonstrations etc. with complete privacy

Bitcoin Circle - Private, Business & Social Networking

Bitcoin Circle

Bitcoin Circle is our room for all things Sidewalk Bitcoin, FastBitcoins & Bitcoin more generally. For business or pleasure, Bitcoin Circle is your destination place to introduce yourself, ask questions, discuss, share you thought on Sidewalk Bitcoin, FastBitcoins & Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Information Station Chat

Bitcoin Information Station Chat is our open-to-anyone room to discuss the state of Bitcoin in the UK. Including, but not limited to Bitcoin adoption, news, gossip and shameful Bitcoin promotion here in good ole’ Blighty.

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Although it is possible to access Riot.IM from your browser, to take full advantage of all the services and connectivity Sidewalk Bitcoin offers, you need to download & install Riot.IM. Available for Desktop, IOS & Android, some free Add-on’s are available to achieve full functionality
To access Riot through your browser and Find out more about Riot itself visit

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