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Simple, Innovative, Zero-Risk Way For Merchants To Benefit From Bitcoin & FastBitcoins
Merchant Opportunities – Retail Bitcoin Vouchers with FastBitcoins Voucher System

Retail Bitcoin Vouchers From Your Store , as Simple as Mobile Top-Ups 

Earn Generous Commission Effortlessly With No Up-Front Costs

FastBitcoins For Business

Are You Bitcoin Ready? With the Lightening Network fueling the next wave of the revolution… This is the moment. The potential of Bitcoin made real by FastBitcoins.

Incentives For Business

Generous commissions, zero-risk, no up-front or running costs, become a destination, get ahead of the competition, education & support

FastBitcoins Kiosk

Bitcoin up close & personal. Host us for FREE in your venue. See first hand how FastBitcoins can add revenue, expanding your business & Marketing potential.

FastBitcoins Vouchers

The easiest, quickest way to buy Bitcoin. Buy a Voucher. Enter number on FastBitcoins website Add wallet address... Voila

On-Chain or Lightening Network

Lightning Network enabled. Super fast, & virtually fee-less. Takes buying, owning & using Bitcoin to the next level

The FastBitcoins Voucher System

Sell bitcoin vouchers & effortlessly earn generous commission rates.

Dynamite comes in small packages. Buy or Sell Bitcoin effortlessly and earn generous commission. Hundreds of other vouchers included. Optionally incorporate an instant Bitcoin ecosystem into your business with FastBitcoins unique POS. Cutting edge, Lightning Network enabled with multiple integrations to get you instantly up & running

Want to get your hands on some Bitcoin? How to buy Bitcoin effortlessly through the FastBitcoins Voucher System

Want to Liquidate a little Bitcoin? How to sell Bitcoin effortlessly through the FastBitcoins Voucher System

Get an Online Demo of The FastBitcoins Voucher System

Become a FastBitcoins Merchant

FastBitcions Voucher System expands your Business potential & creates additional revenue streams. Effortlessly Sell Bitcoin vouchers & earn generous commission

Financial, social and economic uncertainty is everywhere. Locally, as well as globally. These were the very conditions Bitcoin was born into. FastBitcoins gives businesses a risk-free, cost-free way to expand their potential

An entire Bitcoin ecosystem extension with cutting edge Lightening Network. Independent of but complimentary to your regular Systems.

Expand & future-proof your outfit, earn generous commission, gain first mover advantage & be rewarded for your innovation with Kudos & increased awareness in your area.

Secure, super simple and unobtrusive. Selling Bitcoin vouchers takes moments.

Your account runs in the background needing minimal attention from you

Why partner with FastBitcoins?

FastBitcoins offer simple, innovative & zero-risk ways for merchants benefit from Bitcoin.
  • Possibility to let customers buy and spend bitcoin on everyday items with ease
  • Make generous commissions from our range of attractive, non-intrusive, Bitcoin offerings
  • Accept digital payments in Bitcoin with zero processing fees (unlike Visa, Mastercard, etc..)
  • Drive footfall and customer stickiness as an early adopter of a unique proposition
  • No experience required
  • Free marketing and launch support
  • Access other vouchers including Amazon, Xbox etc
  • Quick & easy system
  • Future ready. Put your Business on the cutting edge. Be ready for the new economy 
  • Expand your business reach. Reach an exciting, new & growing demographic
  • Gain “First Mover Advantage” in your area. Capitalise on “Being the first”
  • Bitcoin is always a newsworthy event
  • Fantastic Promotional/Marketing opportunities. Shout it out loud “Bitcoin is here”
  • Add Bitcoin to Your Payment system. Possibility to charge for Goods or Services in Bitcoin and Save Money

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