Simple, Innovative, Zero-Risk Ways For Merchants To Benefit From Bitcoin

Exciting Marketing Possibilities. Host A Free Event

FastBitcoins Kiosk

If you create an event, you’re going to need a focal point. The FastBitcoins Kiosk adapts to any space without intruding .

FastBitcoins Kiosk

Bitcoin up close & personal. Host us for FREE in your venue. See first hand how FastBitcoins can add revenue expanding your business & Marketing potential.

FastBitcoins Vouchers

The easiest, quickest way to own Bitcoin. Buy a Voucher. Scan the Code. Enter Voucher number... Done. You have Bitcoin in your wallet

Lightening Network or MainNet

Lightning Network enabled. Super fast, secure & virtually fee-less. Takes buying, owning & using Bitcoin to the next level

Partner integrations

Access the Bitcoin ecosystem instantly with premier partner integrations, including Samourai Wallet, Breez Wallet & Bitrefill

Books, Covers & Judging

As you know, Things are often, not as they seem. Never more true than for Bitcon

Every Bitcoiner started off with a mixture of curiosity, skepticism, amusement & disbelief. Then we got converted.

You realise the type of person involved with or attracted to Bitcoin might not be what you expected. Fanatical? Sometimes yes. But Tech-savvy, socio-politically developed, financially & economically aware with disposable income fanatics. 

For many, access to Bitcoin can seem complicated or daunting. Thats where Sidewalk Bitcoin comes in. We can demonstrate the simplicity of Fastbitcoins in a fun and profitable way.

FastBitcoins vouchers is the easiest way to buy bitcoin with completely open access for everyone, No Id, No KYC, means anyone can buy Bitcoin instantly,  spontaneously with no obstacles. Perfect for promotions. 

Kudos As Standard

Just some of the benefits to your Business or Brand from working with Sidewalk Bitcoin

Every business, event, shop or function is different, with its own personality. Together we can exploit your individuality and tailor your event to your specific needs,  amplifying the impact by combining our promotional resources.

The FastBitcoins Kiosk or POS station forms a completely independent centre-point leaving your regular resources free to operate as usual

Host us for FREE* & we promote you, your Brand, and your event across our platforms before, during & even after your date.

The following list is by no means exhaustive. Our main objective is to be as open as possible to your individual needs

*Single day event- Free. Evenings and Consecutive days charged. Contact us below for details 

  • New business potential– Promote the Event or Launch and reach a new, tech-savvy, trendy, knowledgable demographic
  • 1 Free day. Sidewalk Bitcoin and our services are Free for single day events. A simple daily fee is charged for consecutive days should you decide to host us for longer
  • Runs alongside or in addition to your everyday activities
  • Brand Reach. Become a destination. Become a talking point. Exploit word-of-mouth
  • Get Creative. Take your regular promotions to another level
  • Promote your Event locally, Bitcoin coming to town is a promotable/newsworthy event
  • Promote cooperatively across our Social Media
  • Become the Bitcoin Hub in your area
  • Your Event/Business will be promoted extensively on our Website via our Blog, Events Calendar and Directory etc
  • Your/Event/Business promoted to our community, across our Social Media platforms
  • Capitalise on Early adoption & gain first mover advantage,  
  • Gain insight into a truly revolutionary technology
  • See the FastBitcoins System in detail
  • Experience the Bitcoin Ecosystem in full effect

Whatever tone you want, formal or social, each event is bespoke & tailored to your individual needs. Our FastBitcoins POS display point is flexible & versatile, adapting to any space with style.

No space for a full display? No problem… Pare right down to posters & flyers

Increase Your Business Exposure

“Birds of a feather…”

Every business wants more customers, FastBitcoins vouchers & our FastBitcoins Kiosk provides the resources to reach a powerful, hidden demographic. 

Bitcoin is a big deal & getting bigger all the time offering raw potential for marketing and brand exposure on a local level. 

Our idea is for you to experience the Bitcoin ecosystem firsthand, and see the FastBitcoins system in action by creating a temporary promotional event & tapping into a affluent, hidden consumer.

Along with increased exposure, you’ll be providing a rare service for local people to access Bitcoin conveniently. Combined with your regular promotional activities, hosting Sidewalk Bitcoin could significantly raise your local profile, potentially increasing your footfall dramatically. 

Whatever your venue, FastBitcoins Kiosk provides a focal point or centre-piece for any style of event. It gives us the freedom to present the FastBitcoin voucher system in a flexible, independent way and can be stripped down to accommodate the smallest of spaces.

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