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Bitcoin is unique in human history, the original Disruptor & a route to independent Financial Sovereignty. "You don't change Bitcoin, Bitcoin Changes you" Max Keiser

FastBitcoins Vouchers

The easiest, quickest way to buy Bitcoin. No Id* or KYC* Buy a Voucher. Scan the Code. Enter Voucher number... Done. You have Bitcoin in your wallet

Lightening Network or MainNet

Lightning Network enabled. Super fast & virtually fee-less. Takes buying, owning & using Bitcoin to the next level

Partner integrations

Access the Bitcoin ecosystem instantly with 70 Premier Bitcoin Partner integrations, including Samourai Wallet, Breez Wallet & Bitrefill

FastBitcoins Vouchers

Bitcoin is revolutionising finance & challenging the status quo. With the development of the Lightning Network, Bitcoin is going mainstream with FastBitcoins.

Open access to Bitcoin is now a reality with the Fastbitcoins Voucher System. Anyone can buy Bitcoin and have it deposited into their wallet in moments

However you see Bitcoin it’s unavoidable, the original financial disruptor has denied its detractors over and over again, grown defiantly, developed & become even more influential than ever. It’s safe to say Bitcoin is here to stay.

Barely ten years old, Bitcoin is yet to mature. & anyone entering the space now, is still an early adopter. Bitcoins critics are converting en-masse. States, Banks & institutions are fully engaged, investing and beginning to use the technology.

Sill early perhaps but proven & growing all the time. All around the world people are using and trading in Bitcoin. They know they’re early adopters, they see the value of Bitcoin and its potential for positive change. They hear the herd approaching

With the  development of the Lightning Network, Bitcoin can add peer-to-peer Micro-payments to its list of Powers. Super-fast, almost fee-less transactions are now a reality.

Financial independence, Store of value, Speculative asset, Investment, Peer-to-Peer cash, Micro-payments, whatever your favourite definition of Bitcoin, now everyone can become part of the Bitcoin movement with FastBitcoins.

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FastBitcoins For Customers

No intimidating exchanges, no trying to hold  up documents to your laptop camera, no endless passwords. Just Bitcoin straight into your wallet in moments without Id* or KYC*

FastBitcoins Voucher enables true “Financial Democratisation” by creating completely open access to Bitcoin.
No Id* No KYC*

To Load up on Bitcoin, all you need is a Bitcoin Wallet on your phone. Remember to check out our Events Calendar for up-coming merchant events, dates & appearances near you, or visit the Bitcoin Retailer Directory to find out where you can spend your Bitcoin

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  • Select if you would like to receive a receipt via email
  • Provide a Bitcoin address to receive your Bitcoins
  • Calculate your order & accept the quote to complete the order
  • Receive your Bitcoin in your Wallet within 2 minutes

That’s It… You now own Bitcoin. Welcome to our world.

With great power, comes great responsibility.
Rule No1… Don’t lose Bitcoin.
Rule N02… Not your keys, not your coins.

Want to get your hands on some Bitcoin? How to buy Bitcoin effortlessly with FastBitcoins Vouchers

Want to Liquidate a little Bitcoin? How to sell Bitcoin effortlessly through the FastBitcoins.

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