Pop-Up Bitcoin Ecosystem

Conceived for small independent shops and businesses. A highly marketable, simple, seemless set-up based around FastBitcoins Voucher System.

Create your own Flash Promotion… Free for single day.

Working With You Every Step Of The Way

Why would you do this?

  • You and your staff get an authentic, real-world insight into the potential of Bitcoin with zero-risk or cost.
  • Instant, temporary setup
  • Huge promotional or marketing opportunity.
  • Aquire Bitcoin  

Pre- Promotion

Select Product, Devise Incentive, Create Promotion

We work with you & tailor exactly to your needs & direct benefit

Get kitted up

Install any software & signup to any 3rd party services

The whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts

Plan, co-operate & co-ordinate promotion across our individual platforms to maximise impact 

Initiate Promotion

Your customer chooses your highly incentivised offer including payment in Bitcoin. We’re there to guide the whole process

Don’t worry about the Bitcoin

Sidewalk Bitcoin will provide access to Bitcoin onsite, using the FastBitcoins Voucher System, for customers to spend in your Bitcoin Only promotion

Don’t worry about the questions

This is our thing, what we do. Sidewalk Bitcoin will be on hand guiding & ensuring all customer questions are answered.

Checkout at the click of a QR Code instead of card 

Invoice paid with Bitcoin on Lightning Network. Amount deposited directly into your private merchant wallet from customer – No 3rd Party required –  No Merchant Fees. Sale Complete


… Do we have any contact with your funds or with your transaction with the customer in any way.

The Afterglow

Decide whether or not to convert your Bitcoin to cash

One of the first & most important decisions you will make decisions you will make

To convert to cash, a 3rd Party service & signup may be required Or…

Secure Your Bitcoin. Congratulations, you or your Business now own an Asset.

Due Dilegence – DYOR

We’er here for you every step of the way & we can point you to reliable, trustworthy resources from a business or admin perspective.

Beyond our remit, you’ll no doubt have specific questions & need to make further plans & enquiries. We Highly recommend you DYOR. “Do Your Own Research” is authentic advice.