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See the Bitcoin Ecosystem in Full Flow with a Pop-Up Bitcoin Event at your Venue. Increase your Profile

Sidewalk Bitcoins Unique Merchant Services

Been thinking of how Bitcoin can feature in your Business, Shop or Venue?
Take advantage of our unique FREE Services

Fastbitcoins Kiosk

Bitcoin up close & personal. Host us for FREE* in your venue. See first hand how Fastbitcoins can expand your business & marketing potential.

Fastbitcoins Vouchers

The easiest, quickest way to own Bitcoin. Buy a Voucher, Scan the Code & enter Voucher number... Done. You have Bitcoin in your wallet

Lightening Network or MainNet

Lightning Network enabled. Super fast & virtually fee-less. Takes buying, owning & using Bitcoin to the next level

Marketing Event

See the Fastbitcoins system and Bitcoin demonstrate why the Legacy systems are so afraid of what Bitcoin can be . Part of our Free* Service

What is The Fastbicoins System?

The Fastbitcions System is an extension to your regular business activities. Effortlessly Sell Bitcoin vouchers and earn generous commission

Fastbitcoins provides a simple, seamless, risk-free, way to begin incorporating Bitcoin into your business

This is it, the Fastbitcoins Voucher System. A simple handheld device  that essentially transports you onto the cutting edge of the global Bitcoin revolution Future ready with Lightning Network, Bitrefill,  Samourai & Breeze wallets integrations, with a Free ZERO % commision POS included.

Benefits to your Business

  • Additional revenue stream. Earn Commission
  • Expand your Brand or Business reach, along with it’s potential
  • Reach a new demographic. Draw new customers
  • Future-Proof. Put your business instantly right on the cutting edge.
  • Early adopter. First mover advantage. Be the first in your area and take full advantage of this rarity
  • Simple to use
  • Tiny space required
  • Exciting new business potential. Possibility to charge for your Goods & Services in Bitcoin in addition to GBP
  • Fantastic Marketing potential
  • Share our resources Assistance developing your launch

What Sidewalk Bitcoin can do for you

The Bitcoin ecosystem can seem a dark & brooding place, somewhat unfamiliar. All you need is a new lens

With Fastbitcoins Voucher System, Sidewalk Bitcoin can introduce you to the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. 

Need the whole Bitcoin thing explaining? Ready to explore Bitcoin’s massive promise or on the lookout for new, innovative ways to expand and promote your business potential?

So you got all curious and decided to go ahead and take a closer look at Bitcoin. Perhaps wondering what Sidewalk Bitcoin can do for you? Tempted to take a closer look or maybe you’re convinced already & decided to dive right in and Launch your new Fastbitcoins service?

See the list below for just some of the ways we can help you understand Bitcoin and how it can benefit your business. We can help build and promote your event or launch your Fastbitcoins service.

In addition we can offer free and paid options in our growing Bitcoin Retailer Directory offering an ongoing way to reach your target audience

Did we mention our services are Free*? Yep, completely free, with no obligation thereafter. (Paid extras are available)

*A single day event is completely free with additional days & evenings incurring fees. Contact us using the form below.

Tailored to Your individual Needs.

Bitcoin offers uniquely new marketing & business possibilities. When we team together an obvious, new synergy is created.

We can do the standard, low-key, demonstration in a professional, demure kind of way…

Then again, we could get creative, combine forces and build an exciting promotional single or multi-day event, enabling you to experience the Bitcoin ecosystem in full effect. Together with Fastbitcoins, we could even help you pull-off a serious launch event for your business should you become a Fastbitcoins location. Share our resources to make the most of the unique marketing opportunities Bitcoin, Fastbitcoins & Sidewalk Bitcoin provides.

“You do You and We’ll do Bitcoin”. Create an, exciting & social promotional event for your shop, launch venue or function. You know your business better than anyone, combine forces with us to power up your marketing potential & expand your reach.

Host us for free* & all this potential is yours. Single day event- No charge. Evenings & consecutive days charged at a standard daily rate. Contact us using the form below for details.e

Zero-Risk Benefits to your Business. Experience the Bitcoin Ecosystem in full effect.

  • New business potential– Promote your event  & reach a new, tech-savvy, trendy, knowledgeble demographic
  • 1 Free day. Sidewalk Bitcoin and our services are Free for single day events. A simple daily fee is charged for evenings and consecutive days should you decide to host us for longer
  • See the Fastbitcoins System in detail
  • Runs alongside or in addition to your everyday activities
  • Brand Reach. Become a destination, a talking point. Become THE Bitcoin Hub in your area
  • Capitalise on Early Adoption, First Mover Advantage,  Novelty in your community
  • Gain insight into a truly revolutionary technology
  • Exploit word-of-mouth
  • Combine with additional promo ideas to really make a splash
  • Promote your Event locally, Bitcoin coming to town is a promotable/newsworthy event
  • Promote your event cooperatively across our Social Media
  • Your Event/Business will be promoted on our Website via our Blog etc
  • Your event or launch appears  prominently in our Events Calendar

Fastbitcoins Kiosk

We can produce a bespoke arrangement, tailored to your needs with our unique, Pop-up POS. Adaptable to any space, no matter how small. Creating a separate & distinct focal point in your venue.

Adaptable to any space and  completely independent, Our Pop-Up Bitcoin POS point forms a distinct, temporary, centre piece for your Event

‘Bitcoin is coming to town,
Your chance to grab some easy corn…”

Parody headlines aside, You get the picture. Having “First Mover Advantage” in your area is Marketing gold

Just think of the demographic, 18-48 yrs, Tech-savvy, socially progressive, open-minded & adventurous with disposable income

Our Fastbitcoins Kiosk or POS station is the ideal solution for temporarily creating a unique focal point for Bitcoin in your shop, at your venue, or as part of your event or function

Sidewalk Bitcoin can compliment any tone, formal or social. Our mobile, adaptable, independent, centre-point is easily adaptable to any space.

We take care of everything at your event so there’s no added pressure on your resources, leaving you free to observe the system and focus on your regular activities, only with increased custom

Single day event is completely free. Two or more days & you enjoy the first day free, with fees charged only for additional days & evenings

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You could feature in our Events Calendar here…

Or our Bitcoin Retailer Directory here…

Bitcoin Retailer Directory

Get noticed by featuring in our directory listings & across our site. Free or paid options available,

Promote your Bitcoin business services directly to the UK  Bitcoin Community

We are continually building our directory of businesses & merchants who accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

Free & Paid options are available. We want to be as inclusive as possible. In keeping with our commitment to providing access to Bitcoin for everyone, we offer both options for merchants & businesses across our whole range of services including the directory.

You construct & post your listing yourself so have complete control of content, duration & costs. Your listing appears immediately in the directory.

More info…

If you want to embrace the Crypto life, You’ll want to know where you can spend your Bitcoin. Legal, financial, Tech, Fashion, Beauty… An exclusive but not exhaustive listing of enlightened  retailers, merchants and businesses who accept Bitcoin as payment

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