Sidewalk Bitcoin Launch

Its Happening… We’re launching & you’re all invited

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Sidewalk Bitcoin Pop-UP Bitcoin Tour Hits the Streets, Bringing Bitcoin directly to the people.

It wasn’t easy finding a suitable venue for our Launch. A place whose context reflected ours. Then we came across the fascinating, Future Cities – Technopolis & Everyday Life exhibition, at the Center for Chinese Contemporary Art, in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter. Mission accomplished. It’s impossible to imagine a more fitting backdrop to unleash the Sidewalk Bitcoin beast.

  • When – Sunday 8th September
  • Where – Jasmine Suite, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
  • Time – 1.00 till 5.00
  • Free Entrance & Refreshments

Join us for our public Launch. Talk Bitcoin, meet the FastBitcoins Voucher System, socialise & enjoy some Hi-tech Art with some extras thrown in for fun.

This ain’t no Dotcom sequel Bro….

Bitcoin & Blockchain continues, often unnoticed, to infiltrate deeper into our everyday at an accelerating rate. It’s incredible however that so many people know so little about it, let alone the groundbreaking, life-changing development happening, FastBitcoins being a case in point… And what about all that FUD

If the mountain won’t come to you, then you must go to the mountain. Our mission is to take Bitcoin, via the FastBitcoins Voucher System directly to the merchants, vendors & people of the UK. We’re not Blockchain or Software Engineers, not Developers, not even Webmasters. Nope… If we specialise in anything, it’s people

Sidewalk Bitcoin was born of the realisation that Bitcoin needs a human touch to gain real & lasting acceptance.

Guidance is the key word for us. “On tour” with our Pop-Up Bitcoin method we’ll demo the Fastbitcoins system, introduce Bitcoin & it’s ecosystem & guide people to authentic information or resources.  We’ll increase awareness and adoption, face to face, person by person… A human bridge between Bitcoin and those who Bitcoin was invented for.

Come talk Bitcoin, Bitcoin adoption & experience the Fastbitcoins VoucherSystem up-close & personal.

It’s Art Bob, but not as we know it

We urge you to visit the fascinating Future Cities – Technopolis & Everyday Life exhibition at the same time as joining us for our launch. Entrance is FREE

In special partnership with Manchester’s own Crypto Art Gallery

As part of our afternoon and for your further amusement, we partnered with Crypto Art Gallery… After all, what epitomises Bitcoin more than creativity?

In the background, we’ll be showing projected works from Bitcoin & Crypto Artists curated by Crypto Art Gallery… The folks who contributed the Art for CoinFest 2019. Expect high-quality, innovative Art celebrating the Bitcoin space.

Confirmed Artists

Trevor Jones

I don’t really have a system per se, which means I use a lot more paint (and time) ‘fixing’/responding to the marks I’ve made previously. This also means every work is an adventure! I pay attention to the formal qualities; textures, form, tone, colour relationships, etc

Trevor’s Latest Youtube addition

The Hodler – Augumented Reality Artwork


Explore the Bitcoin Blockchain – Online for one day only

Running along-side we’re setting up the truly fascinating interactive Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer – Memories from the Mines by Branger Briz

Fascinating and addictive, explore messages embedded on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Satoshi’s message stored in the Genesis Block is obviously folklore but Art, Graffiti, is it even relevant? You decide. Often highly irreverent, random & milestone events stored for ever… immutable.

Kudos and Gratitude

  • The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art- For the exhibition itself and the excellent service we received.
  • Crypto Art Gallery for providing curating the Art
  • Matt Antley- Fisheye Web- For setting up Memories from the Mines
  •– For the great work developing Memories from the Mines


When – Sunday 8th September
Where – Jasmin Suite, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
Time – 1.00 till 5.00
Free entrance

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